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Service Panel Alert!

Service Panel Alert!Did you know that some Bay Area homes built prior to 1980 contain electrical panels that have since been identified as a fire hazard?

It’s alarming, yet unfortunately true…

If your home was built before 1980, we recommend that you check the brand name attached to your electrical panel. The two panel manufacturer names that pose a threat to your home and have since been discontinued are:

  • Zinsco
  • Federal Pacific

Visit these websites to learn more about the specific issues:

The good news is that countless Zinsco and Federal Pacific panels have already been replaced through the years. Therefore, chances are, you’re in the clear! However, the bad news is that no agencies or homeowner advocate groups exist to formally spread the word; some individuals have discovered this unfortunate information the hard way – home fires.

If you do in fact discover either brand name on your panel (Zinsco or Federal Pacific), rest assured; Integrity Electric is here to help. Please call us to learn how we’ve solved this problem for countless homeowners in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco counties.

Integrity Electric’s help is just a phone call away. Bring peace of mind to your castle today!