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Residential Electrical ServicesAs most homeowners are aware, upon the sale of real estate, a building inspection by a Certified Home Inspector is needed at close of escrow. This not only makes sense from an investment and safety standpoint, it is a requirement of the Department of Real Estate.

Integrity Electric has enjoyed long-standing relationships with Building Inspection Companies that we feel confident in recommending as follows:

Hacienda Inspection Service
2 Santa Barbara Ave.
San Anselmo, CA
(415) 456-5665

Eric Lee Building Inspections
132 H Street
San Rafael, CA
(415) 461-6990

After an inspection is completed, a full written report is provided to all parties involved in the sales transaction. Most reports have a section dedicated to the electrical portion of the building inspection. This is where we come into the picture…

How Integrity Electric can help:

For starters, you’ll want and need to know if the property you fell in love with is safe and sound or an electrical nightmare!*

For a fee of $250. Integrity Electric will carefully review the report and provide a detailed, per item price list for all indicated repairs or code violations. We’ll meet at the site and do our own, more in depth electrical inspection to gain a very accurate picture of the scope of work and to insure that there are no oversights.

An Electrical Inspection that Saved the Buyer Thousands – $8,300. To be exact!*

Several years ago, a young Marin family fell in love with a gorgeous, older property located above Raccoon Straits in Tiburon, California. Who wouldn’t? It had spectacular views and lovely architecture!

While in escrow, the family was disappointed to discover that the building inspection was extensive and daunting. Thankfully, the family had a wonderful realtor who was suspicious of some wiring and advised a more in-depth electrical inspection.

The realtor knew Integrity Electric did quality inspections and made a phone call. After a very thorough inspection and a lengthy findings write-up, the family was faced with the bad news that the electrical portion of the home was a nightmare. Somewhere along the way, faulty and illegal wiring was installed and never caught.

The family simply loved the home so their realtor revised the offer that was on the table, signed and ready to submit. She attached the Integrity Electric inspection, reduced the offer price by $8,300, and submitted it to the seller.

It pays to have a great realtor and Electrical Contractor in your corner!

The family purchased the home they fell in love with and paid $8,300. less than what they were ready, willing and able to pay. Integrity Electric did all the work in question and the young family is now happily dwelling in their dream home.

Call Integrity Electric today to discuss your electrical inspection needs!

You’ll be glad you did.